Case Study #3

Equipment: model AL-100-CR-L/S-40K high frequency AC constant current sources
User: AVX Tantalum Corporation
Application and Specific Requirement: Providing 40K Hz high frequency AC constant current for capacitor ripple current tests

AVX Tantalum Corporation is a capacitor manufacturer. They needed high frequency (40K Hz) AC constant current sources to perform ripple current tests on their products – capacitors. Compared to the traditional way – using a constant voltage source and a variable resistor to achieve the desired output current, the high frequency AC constant current source we produced offered much greater accuracy, efficiency and convenience. (The output current of a constant current source stays the same despite the variation in the load impedance.) In the AVX case, since the products to be tested were electrolytic capacitors, they were biased by a DC source, while the high frequency adjustable constant AC current sources provided the constant current to simulate the ripple current.

Block Diagram


Conclusion: We provide AC constant current sources in the audio frequency range and the ultrasonic frequency ranges. The output range(s) of these constant current sources can be customized to fit our clients’ exact applications. Multiple-channel models can be made upon request.
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