Case Study #2

Equipment: model AL-600-CV/S-7K-2 dual-channel AC power sources
User: TI Automotive SYS. LLC
Application and Specific Requirement: Providing 7K Hz AC signal as “known ripple” to test the ripple durability of Toyota motors. The output transformers of the model AL-600-CV/S-7K-2 dual-channel AC power source were required to be able to pass high DC current.

TI Automotive Systems was looking for AC power sources which can produce a 2 V, 7K Hz signal into a group of DC motors while they were being tested with up to 100 A DC current. We made a model AL-600-CV/S-7K-2 dual-channel AC power source which can introduce the 7K Hz sine wave ripple signal. The ripple signal was coupled into the DC loop via a proficiently designed high frequency transformer. The internal output transformer (one on each channel) was the important part of the system. It not only coupled the AC signal into the DC loop, but also its secondary could withstand the 100A DC current. Each channel of the unit can be locally and remotely controlled independently.

Block Diagram

Conclusion: Our AC power sources, along with our custom made high frequency transformers, can be used in many industrial testing applications. Testing the ripple durability of auto motors is one of them.
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