Case Study #1

Equipment: model AL-1400-HF-A wideband power amplifiers
User: The Boeing Company
Application and Specific Requirement: Powering up model TS18-H5-202 Piezo Stacks manufactured by Piezo Systems, Inc.

The Boeing Company was looking for a wideband power amplifier to power up multiple Piezo stacks (model TS18-H5-202) manufactured by Piezo Systems. Our model AL-1400-HF-A wideband power amplifier turned out to be an excellent fit for their application. The AL-1400-HF-A wideband power amplifier amplifies a series of high frequency sine wave signals (from 10K Hz to 120K Hz). The amplified signal was integrated with a DC bias signal and applied to a stack of 4-8 units of the model TS18-H5-202 Piezo circuits successfully.

Block Diagram

Conclusion: Our wideband power amplifiers, along with our wideband high frequency transformers in some cases, can be used as high power Piezo drivers. (They can drive any other type of capacitive and inductive loads also.) The ability of our power amplifiers (high power Piezo drivers) to drive multiple Piezo stacks at once greatly increases the testing efficiency of the products.
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