Case Study #5

Equipment: model AL-1500-FC-60-C0/10 linear AC power sources (linear frequency converter)
User: Hubbell Power Systems
Application and Specific Requirement: Providing PD (partial discharge) free power on high voltage capacitive products

Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) had trouble in obtaining linear AC power supplies from their traditional suppliers – Behlman Electronics and Elgar, because they have stopped making them. In the HPS application, the loads to be tested were arrestors (HV MOVs). They are capacitive loads and the PD (partial discharge) level has to be minimal. The switching power supplies cannot fulfill this requirement. Our model AL-1500-FC-60-C0/10 linear AC power source is a “drop-in” replacement for the Behlman and Elgar linear power supplies. Hubbell Power Systems was very happy with our “PD free” linear power supply solution.

Block Diagram

Conclusion: When powering up capacitive loads, such as arrestors, MOVs and coaxial cables, the output signal has to be very clean (without high frequency noise). While the other AC power supply companies have dropped their linear power supply product lines, we continue providing quality linear AC power supplies to industries around the world.
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