Case Study #7

Equipment: model AL-200-CR-H/S-GPIB AC constant current power sources
User: GMC-I ProSys Limited
Application and Specific Requirement: Providing high current output AC constant current sources to power up highly inductive loads

One of our clients, GMC-I ProSys Limited, situated in Britain, had trouble locating a constant current source to power up their highly inductive load. They had tried different products from various major constant current source manufacturers in the US. After finding us, they were provided with our model AL-200-CR-H/S-GPIB programmable constant current power source which successfully met their requirement. Their load was a 10-turn air-core inductor with a 20.5” (520mm) diameter. Our constant current source successfully provided 800AT without oscillation and less than 0.7% T.H.D., while their minimum requirement was 500AT.

Block Diagram


Conclusion: Our AC constant current sources can power up highly inductive and capacitive loads.
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