Case Study #8

Equipment: model AL-200-CR-H/S-GPIB AC constant current power sources and model AL-200-CR-H/A Constant Current Power Amplifier
User: General Electric
Application and Specific Requirement: Providing AC constant current sources and power amplifiers to test protective relay products

General Electric was looking for a replacement constant current power amplifier to replace the obsolete model 2555A transconductance amplifier manufactured by Valhalla Scientific. Our model AL-200-CR-H/A transconductance power amplifier turned out to be an excellent alternative solution for their application – testing relay products. It is also a good replacement for the obsolete model 1620A transconductance amplifier manufactured by Ballantine Laboratories. Our model AL-200-CR-H/S-GPIB AC constant current sources are programmable power sources which were included in GE’s test systems as well.

Conclusion: Our AC transconductance power amplifiers and constant current sources provide economical alternative solutions for the obsolete current calibrator models and transconductance amplifier models manufactured by other companies worldwide.


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